An individual can pick up a phone book or browse the web to find a plethora of Law Offices and Attorneys advertising their expertise in injury law. However, with so many personal injury lawyers, how does one choose a lawyer. Let me begin by saying the majority of complex injury claims and medical malpractice litigation are handled by law firms which are equipped to handle the complexities of such cases.  Therefore, it is likely, if liability in your case is disputed, the matter will be referred to a litigation firm and not handled directly by the office you originally contacted.

Attorney Kolesnikovas has built up a referral network of competent sources for all matters of personal injury, medical malpractice and workers compensation. Your case will be handled only by reputable experienced personal injury attorneys. Whether it be a complex medical malpractice case, workplace injury, automobile accident, dog bite  or injury on someone’s property, your case will be reviewed and referred appropriately.

Why the retain the Law Office of Paul Kolesnikovas?

As the referring Attorney Kolesnikovas will remain actively involved in your case, assisting the litigation firm with many aspects of your case. This allows you to have easy access to speak with an attorney and review your concerns. Attorney Kolesnikovas will be the liaison between you as client and the litigation team. It is similar to the way medicine is practiced. Your primary care physician refers you to a specialist in a particular field of medicine when needed, however your doctor remains active in your medical care management. You continue to have a relationship with a trusted professional who is familiar with the specialist.

In areas of personal injury, you do not incur a legal fee unless there is a successful outcome to your claim.  As a referring attorney, Attorney Kolesnikovas will be compensated from the overall contingent fee. There is no extra cost on your behalf.

Retain the assistance of a local caring attorney to monitor and pursue your case.
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