Social Security Disability is a program of the Federal Government designed to provide monthly payments to a disabled individual. The amount of the payment you receive is based upon your income while you were able to work. Assuming you are totally, permanently disabled, you may collect Social Security Disability benefits until you reach age 65. At that time, your Social Security Disability benefits will convert to a Social Security Retirement benefit.

If you believe you are permanently disabled from engaging in gainful employment for a period of one year or more, you may be eligible for benefits.

The first step is to initiate a claim. This may be done online  at

Most claims are denied at the initial application. Do not let this discourage you. The denial may be issued due to a lack of proper medical documentation, an improper evaluation or procedural error.  You can petition for a reconsideration and if a denial is affirmed , appeal to an administrative law judge. If you are denied Social Security Disability benefits you may request a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge.  The Administrative Law Judge will hear testimony from you and review your medical records. The Administrative Law Judge may also hear medical evidence or vocational evidence presented by the Social Security Administration in opposition to your claim.  If you must request a hearing in order to get your Social Security Disability benefits, you should seek the advice and counsel of a Social Security Disability lawyer.

Attorney Kolesnikovas has been successful in securing benefits for clients.

Attorney fees in social security hearings are set by law. There is no fee unless you prevail in your claim.

The fee structure is set by law. The attorney is allowed to receive up to 25% of the claimant’s past due benefits, up to a maximum fee of $6,000.